Vision & Mision

we present the best services to our customer

We take action is the roof connecting all our ecological and social projects. Because progress also means responsibility for our fellow human beings and the environment. The process of continuous re-engineering and adjustment of processes and/or components, with sustainable and social ideals in mind, is of great importance to us. This is implemented through our guidelines for suppliers, which have been in place for a long time, and are particularly concerned with the working conditions at the production locations, whilst entirely prohibiting child labour. We do whatever we can, within our scope of possibilities.

We consciously look for certain parameters when selecting our suppliers, and we require certain assurances regarding health and safety and social responsibility in their dealings with the workforce in writing. Regarding sustainability, ecological issues are of particular importance when considering packaging and transportation. Nonetheless, and just because we want to make a difference, we are always looking for possibilities especially in the area of product development. This is an exciting area, where the area of football also yields new approaches every year, which we are always glad to adopt.

We are Compensate our customers

We always make the best offers and discounts that fit the customer.

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We are Clothes Branding

We adopt style based on credibility, transparency and good treatment and after-sale service

We are Consistent

The company aims to create a new style in dealing with different parties dealing with clothes and sports tools

We are Trendy

The working group is trained and qualified to deal with different clients to meet the wishes of all customers

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